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The Sentry is a large bipedal mechanoid equipped with a heavy machine gun. They are found at most high loot Points of interest on the island such as military bases and Bunkers. They have a very large damage output, and an even larger amount of health. It is best to stay out of their line of sight.


  • Sentries display their major states with headlight color:
    • White: relaxed/patrolling
    • Orange: Alerted
    • Red: Combat
  • Sentries will follow a patrol path around their location, deviating only to follow intruders if space allows them to do so. If they can not see the intruder for a few seconds, they will return to their patrol path.
  • After being spotted, a player has a short window of time to leave the guarded zone by complying to sentries instructions. If the instructions are not followed, the sentry will open fire on the player.
    • THIS IS NOT TRUE FOR CRITICAL LOCATIONS, If a player is found near a critical location, the Sentry will open fire immediately
  • Sentries have good vision and a very high range, and can often only be hidden from by breaking line of sight or with a very high stealth skill.
  • 1-2 bullets from a sentry is enough to kill most players, but they usually take a second to actually hit once they start firing, so there is a very brief window to get behind cover if you are fired upon.
  • Sentries will ignore puppets, but will crush them if they are in their way
  • Sentries will not instantly detect the player, they will first become alerted and approach the general area the player resides in

Sentries will shoot and destroy any Vehicles blocking their movement path


Mr.Smiles foot.jpg
Mr.Smiles's foot, seen in the Welcome to SCUM Island trailer.

Mr.Smiles is a unique sentry located at ?. It has a smiley face painted on the bottom of its foot.

Best Ways To Defeat

Currently, the Sentries have an Unconfirmed amount of health, making it hard to understand how to defeat them. They are extremely strong however, and soak bullets from any round like a sponge. Currently, the best way theorized by the community is to use a M82A1, or the Barrett .50 BMG caliber High Powered Anti-Material rifle. The amount of .50 BMG rounds required IS 20-25 rounds to take a Sentry down. The .50 BMG round is extremely hard to find though, only being found in Bunkers at a low probability, and more likely to be found in the Killbox, a room found at the end of Bunkers renowned as the end-game loot spot in SCUM and is very difficult to successfully loot. Another way of defeating these Sentries, while untested and a less popular opinion than the .50 Cal Rifle, is the RPK-74 chambered in 7.62x39mm Bullet with a 75-rnd drum magazine attached, possibly using 2 or 3 full mags maybe using a total of 150-225 7.62 rounds. looted rounds are seen as better or more efficient than crafted rounds, as AP (Armor Piercing) rounds can be found and are generally extremely strong for any caliber they are in, of which the 7.62 mm round has one.

Change History

Update 05-07-21 Adjusted the sentry accuracy, sentries should no longer one tap players

Sentries will now focus on prisoners (as long as they're visible) that they have seen leaving the guarded area instead of focusing on their last known location.

Update 09-04-20 Sentries will no longer perfectly aim at a player for a couple of seconds after they have lost sight of them, but rather aim at their last known location

Adjusted the angles of sentry detection

Sentries will no longer attempt to use a kick attack when a player is standing above them

Update 08-21-20 Sentries no longer execute comatose prisoners.
Update 06-10-20 Sentry fixes, Sentries now attack instantly if player is near a critical location
Update 05-20-20 Sentry fixes, Sentries now step on puppets instead of avoiding them
Update 04-30-20 Sentries now display their major states with headlight color
Sentries no longer instantly detect the player.
Players now have a chance to leave the guarded zone by complying to sentries instructions after the initial spotting.
Sentries will now destroy a vehicle blocking their movement path.
New sentry voice lines Sentries nerfed. Longer reload times, less accuracy. Fixed stuck sentry at B4 bunker. Increased render distance.
Player detection range increased.
Increased voice volume.
Fixed light being stuck on red forever after player detection.
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