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Salt Ponds
Salt Ponds IG Day 1.jpg
Type POI
Grid Z2
Loot Type Salt


We decided there is not enough salt on the island because killed players do not count. Jokes aside these things are all over the Croatian coastline so it felt weird not adding them in. Located in Z2 sector, you can find the souls of players from your favorite MOBA franchise.

But the location was not just added willy nilly it actually represents a new feature. You know that huge meat storage you got in your base after committing geno.... animal depopulation across the island? Yeah it turns out fresh meat turns bad real fast if not prepared properly, who knew?

So we added a new feature where you can salt meat to help it preserve longer! All you need is to find a little bit of salt, grab a slab of meat and just slap it. A little love tap. In reality you just need to select salt and the meat you want then a simple right click and bum salted meat!

Dev Photos:[]

Salt Ponds IG Day 2.jpg
Salt Ponds IG Day 3.jpg
Salt Ponds IG Day 4.jpg

Change History[]

Update 10-28-21 Added