Rigg Street is a longtime "house show" venue located at 328 Rigg in a nice, quaintly beautiful, quiet neighborhood off of Mission St. in downtown Santa Cruz. Rigg Street itself has never been any of these things. In a neighborhood of meticulous flower gardens and trimmed trees Rigg Street's front porch is a notorious slum hangout, covered in broken bottles, cigarette ash, ratty decomposing couches, spraypaint, dismembered CPR dummys, demolished furniture, and at least one hungover, half-dressed, smelly and unpleasant person left over from the rager the night before. A legendary show and party venue of the nastiest and most downtrodden sort.

Rigg Street hosted many bands and performers, local and out-of-town, during its heyday of live shows (roughly from 2000 - 2003) including French Fried Cigarettes, Erase Errata, Sicarri, Hate Mail Express, The Devil Makes Three, Paul Davis/Mule Train, The Parcel, Bobby Birdman, Dear Nora, The Quails, A Burning Water, Djinn-teeth Fangs, Garrett Peirce, Cassidy Meijer (of Sin in Space), Chris Wedertz (formerly of Lackadaisy) and Oliver Brown.

Around summer 2002, due to the frequency of the police visits and the musical tastes of some of the new inhabitants, Rigg Street became a DJ party venue, where residents of the house (DJs Chris and Michelle) and guest DJs (DJ Durt and DJ Matt Hogan) spun mostly hip-hop, Post-Punk Riot Grrl Dance, and 80s hits. The parties were insane dance-baccanalias of the most stinky, sweat-soaked, lasciviously degenerate sort, where you were equally likely to end up dancing topless to Nelly and getting beer poured over your head as you were to be joining in a knife-throwing contest or a spontaneous book-burning in the backyard incinerator. Obviously, the police continued to show up, sometimes 2 or 3 times in one night, though incredibly, Rigg Street has yet to incur any fines.

Around 2005, parties and musical events involving the outside community pretty much ended at Rigg Street, though there are generally enough low-baggers living there (8 to 11, usually) to make a rowdy scene just by all being home at the same time.

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