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RIS Adapter
RIS Adapter.png
This rail is mainly used for the AK47 so you can attach the ACOG scope on it, but also can be applied to the SVD for the P-223 scope.
General information
Category Attachments
Subcategory Rails
Space Used 1x1
Weight 0.2kg
Administrator Information
RIS Adapter
RIS Adapter.png #SpawnItem BP_ScopeRail_AK47

The RIS Adapter is a requirement to attach certain optics to firearms that do not have built-in rails.

Optic Compatibility[]

ACOG  •  P-223 Scope  •  Red Dot Sight  •  V3 Holographic Sight  •  M82-Scope

Weapon Compatibility[]

AK-47  •  AKM  •  M16A4  •  MK18  •  SVD + RPK-74 + VSS VZ

Spawn Code[]

#SpawnItem BP_ScopeRail_AK47