"I Wanna Get Rid Of You" b/w "Ahead Of My Time"

Psycotic Pineapple was a Berkeley band (1979-1980) that featured John Seabury (bass), Alex Carlin (keyboards), Dave Seabury (drums), and Henricus Joseph Holtman (guitar).

Their flyers had a recurring cartoon character, a mischievous little pineapple man drawn by John.

{I saw them with Pearl Harbor and the Rubinoos 12/31/1978 at The Keystone. I had seen them previously playing on Telegraph Ave.} jeff bellamy

A band of this name opened a show for Pearl Harbor and the Explosions in Berkeley around this time, or maybe a few years later. The musicians switched instruments from one song to the next, Chinese fire-drill style, the keyboard player moving to drums, the drummer to bass, singer to guitar, etc. They were playing with a small horn section (who did not switch instruments). Eventually some guy in a big foam-rubber pineapple suit came out and danced around.Sound a bit like Geza X sometimes.

The Pineapple reunited on June 24, 1988 at the Berkeley Square along with Tommy Dunbar of the Rubinoos and played a series of gigs around the East Bay around that time.


  • "I Want Her So Bad" b/w "Say That You Will" (Pynotic Records, 1977)
  • "I Wanna Get Rid Of You" b/w "Ahead Of My Time" (Richmond Records, 1979)
  • "Where's the party?" LP (Richmond Records, 1979)
  • where's the party (1980)
  • Killed By Death #15.5
    US, 1998
    A limited number were released on gold vinyl, for the rest of us, it is on black vinyl with plain white labels.
    (Almost) all American punk. Recognize the cover of this comp? It" from the 10-29-79 compiliation, and was also used for the cover of the printed copy of compHELLation <>

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