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Potato has become a staple food in many parts of the world and an integral part of much of the world's food supply. It is the world's fourth-largest food crop, following maize, wheat, and rice. The green leaves and green skins of tubers exposed to the light are toxic.
General information
Category Food
Subcategory Vegetables
Calories 67Cal
Servings 1
Weight 0.3g
Protein 2g
Carbohydrate 18.4g
Fat 0.1g
Water 79.3ml


Potatoes can be found in walled city gardens.


Serving Size Total Fat Saturated Fat Cholesterol Sodium
300g 0.3g 0.1% 0g 0% 0mg 0% 18mg 6%
Calories From Fat Total Carbs Dietary Fiber Sugars Protein
2Cal 55.2g 18.4% 6.6g 2.2% 2.4g 0.8% 6g 0%
Vitamins Minerals
A B1 B2 B3 B4 Ca Fe Mg P
0% 15 6 15 6 3 12 18 18
B5 B6 B9 B12 C K Zn Cu Mn
12 45 9 0 99 36 6 15 24
D E K Se
0 0 6 0


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