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Frankkfurt  Chaos Theory  •  [Webpage]  •  [Discord]  English  •  PVP  •  Adminplay: Yes  •  4hr Restarts  •  Active Admins  •  Shop Bot  •  Discord Killfeed & Leaderboards  •  "Warzone" Events

Frankfurt  Escoria Humana  •  [Webpage]  •  [Discord]  English/Spanish  •  PvP  •  Adminplay: No  •  3hr Restarts  •  Shop Bot  •  Mondays Events  •  Private Team Discord Channel

Washington, D.C.  Skeleton Island  •  [Webpage]  •  [Discord]  English  •  PvP  •  Adminplay: No  •  3hr Restarts  •  Shop Bot  •  Starter Kit  •  Discord Killfeed

Washington, D.C.  The Walkers  •  [Webpage]  •  [Discord]  English/Spanish  •  PvP  •  Adminplay: No  •  4hr Restarts  •  Shop Bot  •  VPN Protection  •  Raid Rules  •  Weekly Events  •  Passive Event Zones  •  Daily Sweepstakes