The Plastic Zen Haiku Society was a group of Santa Cruz High School students (circa 1980) who put clever haiku in the school's daily bulletin. The Society was sponsored by Bob Vaughan, a sympathetic and somewhat renegade history teacher, and its formal offices included the God (Darryl Reveaux), Demi-god (Michael Shipley), Archangel (Galen Hilgard), and Demon (Alysson Baker).  Darryl Reveaux became a Hollywood special-effects man and appeared as the Yeti in the movie Creepshow. Other members included Arianne Phillips, now a costume designer in L.A. who has worked with Madonna and Lenny Kravitz and several other young creative types who frequented the Santa Cruz new wave scene at the time. The club cheer was "Haiku! Screw you! Doin' what we wanna do!"

Oh blue-haired lady

Your dog's death was microwave

Poodle on the oven walls


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