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Phoenix Tears
Phoenix Tears.png
Experimental secret military grade injectable commonly known as "Phoenix Tears". It provides rapid and instantaneous stabilization and recovery of ANY and ALL injuries at once.
General information
Category Medical
Subcategory items
Portions 3
Weight 0.1kg
Space 2x2
Administrator Information

Phoenix Tears Injection is a medical item in SCUM.

The PT-29 rapid recovery serum or codenamed "Phoenix Tears".

( Design Document Description )

Kids and women were mostly testing subjects and they were seldom exposed to different experiments which included drugs cocktails, synthetic hormones and radiation in order to provoke their immune system. The purpose was to create the serum capable of restoring the body from almost any type of disease or physical damage. The company soon got results and Phoenix Tears were created, an experimental secret military grade injectable. Provides rapid and near instantaneous stabilization and recovery of ANY and ALL injuries at once, perhaps even death. Rare as a snowflake touching down in hell.


Found in certain bunkers around the island, you will find new containers mounted on the walls.

Secure Locked Boxes.jpg

These are secure locked boxes for which you will need to be highly skilled in order to open them, and then you have chance to either get a random medical item or the highly valued PT-29.

Additional notes[]

Admin Commands[]

  1. SpawnItem Phoenix_Tears

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