Peter Curry was the original drummer for Caker & His Dogs. Prior to that, he was in many Santa Cruz bands, including Bubble, and Rick Ace and the Shufflers with Dick Tacklind.. Curry is also an accomplished guitarist and bassist, as well as playing the piano. He now lives in Southern Cal with his wife Kita and their cats. His projects since leaving Santa Cruz include the instrumental band The Halibuts. Currently he tours nationally, playing bass in Los Straitjackets.

Known for his melodies, rhythm and playful humor, while in The Halibuts, he was a prolific songwriter--a talent that Los Straitjackets have yet to tap into. One fan said, "When I die and go to heaven, they're going to be playing It's a Wonderful Halibut on the best sound system you can imagine." Perhaps it's a stretch to call it heaven, but the song also was part of the sound track for Endless Summer Two.

Still partial to analog after all these years, as an engineer/producer, in his studio he has a knack for bringing out the best in a wide variety of performers.

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