Scum Wiki

The POSP 4x24V sight provides a magnification of 6.0x. It can be attached to an SVD without a rail.

The sight can be assigned to a quick access hotkey for quick attachment and detachment, even while aiming down sights.

On the left side of the reticle, there is plenty of information that can be used to accurately hit the target at longer distances. To take a reading and display the information, press the left-ctrl button once.

The information displayed is as follows (from top-left to bottom-right):
  • RNG: Range - The distance between you and the target.
  • WND: Windage - The direction and speed of the wind. (A reading of "E LOW" would imply a slow wind speed in an eastern direction)
  • TMP: Temperature - Air temperature at the location of the shooter.
  • HUM: Humidity - The percentage of humidity in the air at the location of the shooter.
  • PRS: Pressure - Barometric pressure at the location of the shooter.
  • ALT: Altitude - The altitude of the target, relative to the shooter.

The intelligence based sniping skill can be increased at character creation or through practice, to decrease the amount of time it takes to get a reading.