New Thrill Parade is a brooding Santa Cruz posi-noise goth band formed in August 2004 by Steve Whitwill, Amitai Heller and Troy Delaney after the dissolution of their former band The Gross Gang.

Wanting to change direction from the riff based song structures of The Gross Gang they invited guitarist Aleksey Bogdanov, a professional opera singer and music theoretician, to muddy their sound up. They later went on to recruit Marcello Fama (saxophone) and Adam Payne (Moog). As a six-piece, the band played a few shows and then Payne got bored/confused and decided to spend his time doing different things. On his departure Payne was quoted as saying, " I don't know man, I just can't find the music." Fama was arrested during the Republican National Convention and subsequently had to leave for New York. Sara Bebop took over his roll as the saxophonist. Fama returned from New York embittered by the struggle. In place of the soothing melodies of the saxaphones he turned his new found aggression and occultist behavior towards a variety of percussives (trash cans, broken cymbals, fire hydrants, beer bottles,etc). After Bogdanov left for Indiana to sing (eventually live on Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion in February 2008), Loric took over guitar duties and the group released "Slumber in Colorland" on Mammatus masterminds the Emmert Bros' spanking-new label Wonderquest in March 2008. The album contains the ultimate neck-tearer "Paradise Leased" as well as other fine numbers.

New Thrill Parade toured the nation with Mammatus in 2005 and San Francisco sludgewarts Wildildlife in 2007.

Name originEdit

Although Amitai initially wanted the band to be named Universal Shame, the band decided on New Thrill Parade, a phrase taken from the Phil Ochs song "Crucifixion".


  • rough versions of the songs "Spare My Teeth" and "Jealous Brothers" were released on a tour only Santa Cruz compilation And They Carried a Big Drum.
  • The New Thrill Parade 5 song vinyl-only EP has been set for release on July 15th. A Split Release by the labels Mountain Landis (Oakland) and 17 Television (Portland), distributed by Litterbox Records (San Francisco).
  • Universal Shame (Litterbox Records, 2006) - NTP's first full length. 9 brand news tracks released in August of 2006. Gratuitous art by Dave Frost.
  • Slumber in Colorland (Wonder Quest, 2008) More gratuitous art by Dave Frost, Stacie Willoughby and others.
  • The Bellywasher (self-released, 2009) Tour-Only CD-R EP.