Monsters Are Not Myths is a band originally from Santa Cruz consisting of Evan Hamilton (keyboards/harmonica/vox), Nick Giordano (guitar), Tyler Null (drums), and Annie Nguyen(bass). They won 10th place in the Santa Cruz Live Online Battle of the Bands (Aug 2005). They were a first round winner of Your Music Magazine Battle Of The Bands, May 13, 2005, and finished in third place in the Guerilla Music Project Battle Of The Bands (2005). They won the Metro Readers Poll Silver Award for Best Local CD (2005), and were also a finalist in the Quilted Fish Records Production Deal Contest, March 4, 2005. They played in the Big Bang 2005. In 2006, they won the Metro Readers Poll Goldie Award for Best Local CD and Bronze Award for Best Local Band. They were in the Your Music Magazine Battle of the Bands Finals on May 26th, 2006. In 2010 the band participated in SXSW as unofficial performers.

The band was formed in December 2003 by Evan and Nick. In February 2004, Jeff Crook (bass) and Dan Finlay (drums) joined the band. All four had come to Santa Cruz specifically to attend UCSC, and Nick had worked with five previous bands during his time in Santa Cruz. Dan Finlay left Santa Cruz and the band in June 2004. Dan Boram was recruited that October to play drums. Jeff left the band that December, and the band has played without bass during Dan's tenure.  In 2007 the band re-adjusted their sound and recruited Tyler Null and Annie Nguyen to fill out the band.

Monsters are not Myths released their longest and most polished album to date,Corporate Grown, on October 9th at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco.

Monsters are not Myths got its name from a drawing made by a child at the daycare center where Nick worked. The drawing featured Dracula and Frankenstein on guitar and bass respectively. At the bottom was written Monsters are not Myths as the band's name.


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