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Mechanoids refers to the robots that can be rarely found on the island in SCUM.

There are two main types of mechanoids: drones, which will occasionally fly to your character and look at you briefly before leaving, and sentries, which guard military installations and other restricted locations.


Main article: Drone

Drones are small flying orb-shaped robots. At seemingly random intervals, a drone will appear and hover near your character, watching them. They have no reaction to being shot or having items thrown at them, although sufficient firepower can destroy them. They currently seem to serve no function other than to remind you that you're being watched, although fame is gained by completing various actions while being watched, also for destroying the drones.


Main article: Sentry

Sentries are large bipedal mechs equipped with heavy machine guns. If you wander into their line of sight, they will begin firing at you. They patrol certain military installations on set paths, deviating only slightly to follow intruders as space allows.