Santa Cruz Underground Music (SCUM)

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This is an interactive, collaborative website dedicated to documenting the history and currency of the underground music scene in Santa Cruz County. Anyone can edit. And the editing is easy. The project has great potential. It depends on YOU - your knowledge, your writing skills. WikiSCUM now has over 1000 articles!

Over the past 35 years in Santa Cruz County, California, hundreds of great bands have formed, involving such genres as indie, punk, trance, hip hop, and ska. WikiSCUM was created to document the history of underground music in the region, and to foster future growth. This WikiSCUM includes articles on bands (old and new), individuals, venues (old and new), festivals, genres, instruments, flyers, lists of old shows, lists of upcoming shows, and other related topics.

Below are some pages written to help you get started on this project. If you have questions, ask them at The Hub. This is definitely a work in progress. Suggestions, ideas, and comments are welcomed. Please join in the activity here however you can.

For questions, email Oliver at seashanty atttt ymail dotttt com


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