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MK 18
High-end assembled carbine with contracted and/or overhauled parts complete with all accessories to current standards at time of build.
Caliber Caliber 5.56x45mm
Velocity Velocity 940 m/s
Rate of Fire Rate Of Fire 950 rpm
Capacity Capacity 30
Range Range 1000 m
Weight Weight 2.67 kg
Other Information
Category Weapons
Skill Rifles
Grid 10x3
Throwable No


Admin Commands[]

MK18 MK18 #SpawnItem BP_Weapon_MK18
M16 Magazine M16 Magazine #SpawnItem BP_Magazine_M16
5.56x45mm Ammunition Box 5.56x45mm Ammunition Box #SpawnItem Cal_5_56x45mm_Ammobox
5.56x45mm Bullet 5.56x45mm Bullet (30 Round) #SpawnItem Cal_5_56x45mm
5.56x45mm Bullet 5.56x45mm TR Bullet (30 Rounds) #SpawnItem Cal_5_56x45mm_TR
5.56x45mm Bullet 5.56x45mm AP Bullet (30 Rounds) #SpawnItem Cal_5_56x45mm_AP