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M82 Scope
M82 Scope 02.png
M82 scope adjustable to various rifles with correct rail. Default zeroed on 100m, can be manually zeroed to 1000m. Magnification 10x40.
General information
Category Attachments
Subcategory Optics
Space Used 2x1
Weight 0.7kg
Administrator Information
M82 Scope (Snow)
M82 Scope 01.png #SpawnItem BP_WeaponScope_M82A1_Snow
M82 Scope (Black)
M82 Scope 02.png #SpawnItem BP_WeaponScope_M82A1_Black
M82 Scope (Desert)
M82 Scope 03.png #SpawnItem BP_WeaponScope_M82A1_Desert

The M82 Scope is a scope designed to be used with the M82A1 sniper rifle.

Change History[] Item added to the game.

Admin Commands[]

M82A1scope M82A1scope #SpawnItem bp_weaponScope_m82a1