Lol Halsey is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who played guitar on "Paper Shuffle", an Ordinary Records release in 1977; he also co-wrote "Urban Homicide" with John Ammirati, also released in 1977. Both songs gained West Coast airplay; "Paper Shuffle" was a pick hit in Record World. Both songs were produced by Rama Lama ( Halsey played out extensively with both Ammirati and Rama Lama from 1975 to 1991, particularly at various Pearl Harbor events in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. He produced Rama Lama's S.F. Giants fan song "He's a Real Fireman" (about player Scott Garrelts) in 1987. The song was played extensively on KNBR radio, San Francisco.

In 1986 he was nominated for a Bammie award for his debut solo album, Lol Surfaces.

Halsey was also tour manager for Huey Lewis and the News, and is now the manager for Huey Lewis and The News. Visit Huey Lewis and The News' OFFICIAL Facebook page at [1]

He produced at least one recording for JJ180.


  • "Paper Shuffle" on Ordinary Records, 1977
  • "Urban Homicide," 1977
  • One song, "I Want to Clone You," on Surf City Underground
  • Lol Surfaces on Neko, 1985
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