Lisa Leuschner (born August 1, 1982) is an American singer and was a semi-finalist of American Idol (Season 3), from La Selva Beach, California (although American Idol credits her hometown as Watsonville, California.) Lisa Leuschner appeared on the audition episodes for the second season of American Idol, where she sparked an argument between Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell about her weight. During that audition she sang "Saving All My Love for You", and made it to Hollywood. That season, she was cut. She auditioned again for the third season and became a semi-finalist. [1] During season 3 she performed Mariah Carey's "Vision Of Love" and greatly impressed the judges. She was put through to Hollywood, but not before a brief disagreement with Simon Cowell about her weight (continued from the year before.) She made it to the top 32 where she performed the classic "Sweet Thing", by Chaka Khan. She placed third in her round, while the top two vote getters went on to the top 12 (Camile Velasco and Matt Rogers). She was then called back for the wildcard round. However, under controversial circumstances that are not truly defined, Lisa and several other contestants were not allowed to perform. Slight outrage resulted from this when seemingly less talented singers were allowed to perform and enter the top 12 (i.e. Leah LaBelle, who ironically contributed to Lisa's album projects).

In November, 2004 Succession Records released Sing Me Home, a CD of Christmas songs sung by Lisa Leuschner.[2] A second album, Reality, was released in 2007.[3][4]

Leuschner was born in Fremont, California and raised in Santa Cruz, California. Lisa has lived in Santa Cruz County, California most of her life. Her American Idol is Stevie Wonder.[5] Besides singing, Lisa enjoys dancing and writing parodies with her friends.


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