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Lepiota Procera
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The parasol mushroom (Macrolepiota Procera or Lepiota Procera) is a basidiomycete fungus with a large, prominent fruiting body resembling a parasol. It is a fairly common species on well-drained soils. It is found solitary or in groups and fairy rings in pastures and occasionally in woodland. Globally, it is widespread in temperate regions.
General information
Category Food
Subcategory Mushrooms, Non-Poisonous Mushrooms
General Information
Calories 18Cal
Servings 1
Weight 0.1g
Protein 1.7g
Carbohydrate 1.1g
Fat 0g
Water 73ml
Administrator Information



Serving Size Total Fat Saturated Fat Cholesterol Sodium
80g 0g 0% 0g 0% 0mg 0% 4mg 5%
Calories From Fat Total Carbs Dietary Fiber Sugars Protein
0Cal 0.9g 1.1% 4g 5% 1.7g 2.1% 1.4g 0%
Vitamins Minerals
A B1 B2 B3 B4 Ca Fe Mg P
0% 3 16 13 90 2 1 3 10
B5 B6 B9 B12 C K Zn Cu Mn
10 6 2 2 0 8 2 12 6
D E K Se
0 0 0 9


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