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The killbox is a minigame that is unlocked by finding a Key Card while looting. It is an extremely dangerous game, but has a payout that is worth the risk more times than not.

How to play[]

Getting into the Killbox[]

Every Key Card found throughout the island is linked to a specific grid square. All keycards only open a certain bunker and can only be used once. To know which bunker the keycard opens look into the keycards description.

Once you managed to make your way to that bunker and unlocking the door you will enter the Killbox and will be greeted by a friendly voice. Once the Killbox door is opened, the 15 minute timer is started.

Surviving inside[]

When the timer hits 5 minutes, the Killbox starts to fill with deadly poisonous gas

The gas will kill you by about the 3 minute mark, unless you are wearing a Gas Mask.

After the timer runs out lasers activate and the Killbox is purged of all living things inside.

Opening the Chambers[]

Chambers of the killbox are locked, but not with actual locks but magnetic ones

They will need to be opened via the Bomb Defusal minigame

Failing to unlock the chamber means triggering the punishment event

For each failed attempt at defusing the door, you will have increased time for next attempt.

Defusing the Bomb[]

Once you get through the Killbox and manage to get into the chambers you will find a live and armed C4 explosive device which you will need to defuse. If you manage to defuse it great! You now have C4 explosive device available to you. If not, great! You are now part of the killbox decorations.

Punishment Event[]


Once inside the chamber you will find locked cabinets with that sweet sweet loot.

There are several types of cabinets with different levels of locks on them.

The difficulty of the locks correspond to the loot held within:

  • 1 rust lock - Submachine Gun Package
  • 2 rust locks - Assault Rifle Package
  • 1 silver lock - Sniper Rifle Package
  • 1 gold lock - 100% chance of getting C4

Potential Loot Packs:[]


Change History[]

Update 09-10-21 The killbox panic button will now only be active when the killbox door closes

Adjusted the time when the killbox door starts to close.

Update 03-31-21 Added AKS47u, RPK and SVD sets to killboxes
Update 12-21-20 Adjusted gas to start at 5 minute mark instead of 2 minute mark

For each failed attempt at defusing the door, you will have increased time for next attempt

Added Weapon Packs to loot table

Zappers now have multipliers depending on how many players are in the killbox.

Update 11-26-20 Added Killbox Minigame