Junk Sick Dawn (JSD) was a Santa Cruz punk-noise band (1993 - 2001) started by Tait Reed (guitar/vox) and Graham Kenville (drums) in a basement studio somewhere in the woodland hills of Soquel. James Feathers (bass/vox) joined in 1993 after responding to a clasifieds posting. The three had a mutual love of weird, aggressive music and bizarre literature. The band's name came from William S. Burroughs' Naked Lunch.

They toured the West Coast, playing everywhere from El Cahoun, Ca to Vancouver Canada.

Graham left in 1995 to persue other adventures and was replaced by [[Mike Mechanic]]. Then James left in 1996 because of a problem with his hand, and was replaced by Russ Granger.

Junk Sick Dawn had a Spinal Tap-grade drummer rotation after Mike left in 1997, but Lee and Jesse are stand-out drummers from this period.

Then in 1999 JSD found drummer Mike Shapiro, who responded to their classified posting of "Play loud music, take over world, drink all beer."

Tait moved to San Francisco to join Mike and Russ at their new rehersal studio in Hunters Point. They won various awards, garnered a lot of press and enjoyed a firm popularity.

Junk Sick Dawn was always just as at home with a 2-minute punk song as it was with a heavy 20-minute soundscape. Melodic one minute, frenzied screaming noise the next, they always held audience attention. Songs such as "Dip piD" and "Headache" were abstract fast-paced romps about modern life. "Gasoline", "Stoner" and "Life Sucks" showcased their strength in writing about the human condition.

Junk Sick Dawn seems to have always occupied a strange place in Santa Cruz music: loud and fast, but not straight punk, soundscapes and warped songwriting, yet not purely psychedelic.

Then in 2001, while on a surfing vacation in Costa Rica with his buddies, Mike Shapiro died in a car accident along with two other of his friends. This brought the band to a screeching end, and it never recovered.

They have played parties in closets and large nightmarish up-scale rock clubs. They played shows with almost everyone in Santa Cruz, (including an infamous show with Exploding Crustaceans at The Catalyst). They played with Impotent Sea Snakes, Chokebore, Good Riddance, 187 Calm, Granite Path, Simon Stinger, Tsunami Bomb, Fury 66, Gorehounds, Head Case-o-Matic, Cake, and Oliver Brown. They also played with Ruins, nerd-rockers Three Day Stubble, scored music for a play, disturbed a San Francisco Giants game at Pac-Bell Park from a nearby rooftop with a 1,000+ watt P.A., pirated around the S.F. bay rocking-out from atop a yacht and recorded at Hyde St. Studios in San Francisco, to name a few.

Where are they now?[edit | edit source]

Tait Reed and James started a side-band in 1998 called Noise Clinic [1] - with Tom Hale and Mike Silva, which then became Tait playing solo. In 2005, Tait moved to Japan and re-started Noise Clinic which now is comprised of Tabata, Mitsuru (from Boredoms, Zeni Geva and Acid Mothers Temple) on bass and Kawakita, Ayato on drums. James is writing science-fiction stories. Graham is now a family guy; Lee took off to the midwest; Jesse went to college. Russ Granger was the CTO of Viewstream, a web cast company, until he moved to Los Angeles in 2004. He is currently an L.A. businessman and motorcycle racer, having competed in the inaugural Isle of Man Classic TT in 2013. Those at Sick Monkey Enterprises don't really know what happened to Mike Mechanic.

Latest Update[edit | edit source]

Rumors abound that in the summer of 2009 there could be a reunion of the original Junk Sick Dawn lineup in Santa Cruz, California. Tait Reed, James and Graham were unavailable for comment, and no one at Sick Monkey Enterprises could substantiate this information. As of 2020, new rumors have been heard that they are currently back in the studio working on a long anticipated EP.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Email contact[edit | edit source]

  • noiseclinics at hotmail dot com
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