Jeff Grubic was a Santa Cruz conceptual artist and musician, playing as a side man in numerous bands including The Thongs and Holy Sisters of the Gaga Dada as well as fronting the Love Dogs after the short lived Riot of Perfume.

Jeff played primarily saxophone, alto or tenor, depending on what was at hand or out of hock. He also organized musical performance pieces such as a marching band and Showtime, featuring two saxophonists and bass (Grubic, Dan Seamans and the aptly named Steve Horn) performing an attenuated medley of familiar riffs.

Jeff relocated to New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, then Tucson lending his musical services to various groups (Bob Log III, Calexico, Chuck Prophet, Asie Peyton, The Little Rabbits) before founding his latest ongoing project, Ad Nauseam Project, in which the endurance of the musicians and the audience is tested by a marathon performance of a selected riff.

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