James Reitano was raised in Santa Cruz and immersed in the hip hop and punk scene. He got his start engaging in various forms of public art, until he was hired first as a printer, and then as a graphic artist for Santa Cruz Skateboards. Eventually getting hired on at Digital Entertainment Network as a graphic artist and animator, and then moving to animation duties at James has written and produced several other music videos for The Dickies, Biz Markie, and Cut Chemist.

James enlisted in the National Guard, only to de-enlist right before basic training.

James is the founder of TFU Studios, a design/animation shop based in Los Angeles.

In 2005, along with filmmaker Jeff Burkett, James co-wrote and produced the film Team Extreme for FUEL TV.

James is writing/illustrating a 6-part graphic novel series called Nineteen Eighty Five.

He is currently working on product design for Jetpack Digital.

James was a member of Apocalypse Con Queso.

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