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Image Name Command (Click icon to copy) Note
BPC ImprovisedFishingHook.jpg Improvised Fishing Hook #SpawnItem BPC_ImprovisedFishingHook (craft) Al. can opener ring pull
Fishing hook.jpg Fishing Hook #SpawnItem Fishing_hook
BP FishingHook.jpg Fish Hook #SpawnItem BP_FishingHook like BPC_FishingHook4 ? from HookPack1 A (blue) ?
BPC FishingHook1.jpg Medium Sized Fish Hook #SpawnItem BPC_FishingHook1 from HookPack2 B (green)
BPC FishingHook2.jpg Double Fish Hook #SpawnItem BPC_FishingHook2 from HookPack3 C (yellow)
BPC FishingHook3.jpg Treble Fish Hook #SpawnItem BPC_FishingHook3 from HookPack4 D (red)
BPC FishingHook4.jpg Small Fish Hook #SpawnItem BPC_FishingHook4 from HookPack1 A (blue)
BP FishingHookPack1.jpg FishingHookPack2 = 10x Small Fish Hook #SpawnItem BP_FishingHookPack1 A (blue)
BP FishingHookPack2.jpg FishingHookPack2 = 10x Medium Sized Fish Hook #SpawnItem BP_FishingHookPack2 B (green)
BP FishingHookPack3.jpg FishingHookPack3 = 10x Double Fish Hook #SpawnItem BP_FishingHookPack3 C (yellow)
BP FishingHookPack4.jpg FishingHookPack4 = 10x Treble Fish Hook #SpawnItem BP_FishingHookPack4 D (red)

Image Name Command (Click icon to copy) Note
BP FishingRod.jpg Fishing rod #SpawnItem BP_FishingRod Blue
BP FishingRod A.jpg Fishing rod #SpawnItem BP_FishingRod_A Green
BP FishingRod B.jpg Fishing rod #SpawnItem BP_FishingRod_B Red
Improvised Fishing Rod Improvised Fishing Rod #SpawnItem BP_ImprovisedFishingRod Improvised

Image Name Command (Click icon to copy) Note
BPC ImprovisedFishingFloater.jpg Improvised Fishing Floater #SpawnItem BPC_ImprovisedFishingFloater (Wine Cork)
BP FishingFloater.jpg Fishing Floater #SpawnItem BP_FishingFloater (red small)
BPC FishingFloater1.jpg Fishing Floater #SpawnItem BPC_FishingFloater1 (yellow glowing big)
BP FishingFloaterPack1.jpg Fishing Floater Pack #SpawnItem BP_FishingFloaterPack1 Green, 10x BP_FishingFloater
BP FishingFloaterPack2.jpg Fishing Floater Pack #SpawnItem BP_FishingFloaterPack2 Blue, 10x BPC_FishingFloater1

Image Name Command (Click icon to copy) Note
Improvised Fishing Line.jpg Improvised Fishing Line #SpawnItem BP_Improvised_FishingLine Simple yet effective fishing line
BP FishingLinePiece 1.jpg Nylon line thin 0.12 mm #SpawnItem BP_FishingLinePiece_1 (green) Fishing wire for smaller fish up to 1kg
BP FishingLinePiece 2.jpg Nylon line medium 0.18 mm #SpawnItem BP_FishingLinePiece_2 (blue) Fishing wire for smaller fish up to 3kg
BP FishingLinePiece 3.jpg Nylon line thick 0.25 mm #SpawnItem BP_FishingLinePiece_3 (white) Thick fishing wire to support biggest fish up to 10kg
BP FishingLinePiece 4.jpg Nylon line thick 0.5 mm #SpawnItem BP_FishingLinePiece_4 Thick fishing wire to support fish up to 15kg
BP FishingLine 1.jpg 10x Nylon line thin 0.12 mm #SpawnItem BP_FishingLine_1 (green big)
BP FishingLine 2.jpg 10x Nylon line medium 0.18 mm #SpawnItem BP_FishingLine_2 (blue small)
BP FishingLine 3.jpg 10x Nylon line thick 0.25 mm #SpawnItem BP_FishingLine_3 (white)
BP FishingLine 4.jpg 10x Nylon line thick 0.5 mm #SpawnItem BP_FishingLine_4 (blue big)

Image Name Command (Click icon to copy) Note
BP ImprovisedFishingReel.jpg Fishing Reel #SpawnItem BP_ImprovisedFishingReel
BP FishingReel.jpg Fishing Reel #SpawnItem BP_FishingReel
BP FishingReelPro.jpg Fishing Reel #SpawnItem BP_FishingReelPro
BPC FishingBait BoiliesPrm1.jpg Boilies Fish Bait #SpawnItem BPC_FishingBait_BoiliesPrm1
Premium Boilies Bait Pack.jpg Premium Boilies Bait Pack #SpawnItem BP_PremiumBoiliesPack 10x Boilies Fish Bait
Fish trap.jpg Fish Trap #SpawnItem Fish_trap
BPC FishingBait Grasshopper.jpg Grasshopper Fish Bait #SpawnItem BPC_FishingBait_Grasshopper
BP FishingBait Bread.jpg Bread Fish Bait #SpawnItem BP_FishingBait_Bread
BPC FishingBait Meat.jpg Meat Fish Bait #SpawnItem BPC_FishingBait_Meat
BPC FishingBait Corn.jpg Corn Fish Bait #SpawnItem BPC_FishingBait_Corn
BPC FishingBait Bleak.jpg Bleak Fish Bait #SpawnItem BPC_FishingBait_Bleak
BPC FishingBait Cheese.jpg Cheese Fish Bait #SpawnItem BPC_FishingBait_Cheese
BPC FishingBait Cricket.jpg Cricket Fish Bait #SpawnItem BPC_FishingBait_Cricket
BPC FishingBait RedWorm.jpg Red Worm Fish Bait #SpawnItem BPC_FishingBait_RedWorm
BPC FishingBait Sardine.jpg Sardine Fish Bait #SpawnItem BPC_FishingBait_Sardine

Image Name Command (Click icon to copy) Note
All Fishs.png All Fishs #SpawnItem Fish_ All Fishs.png
Fish Sardine.jpg Sardine (Fish) #SpawnItem Fish_Sardine 1x0.5 Sardine Size: S Weight: 0.1-0.4kg Predator: Yes
Fish Dentex.jpg Dentex (Fish) #SpawnItem Fish_Dentex 1x2 Dentex Size: L Weight: 8-16kg Predator: Yes
Fish Orata.jpg Orata (Fish) #SpawnItem Fish_Orata 1x2 Orata Size: L Weight: 5-10kg Predator: Yes
Fish Tuna.jpg Tuna (Fish) #SpawnItem Fish_Tuna 1x3 Tuna Size: XL Weight: 2-4kg Predator: Yes
Fish Shark.png Shark Shark Size: XXL Weight: 300-800kg Predator: Yes
Freshwater fish.
Fish Bass.jpg Bass (Fish) #SpawnItem Fish_Bass 1x3 Bass Size: M Weight: 1-3kg Predator: Yes
Fish Catfish.jpg Catfish (Fish) #SpawnItem Fish_Catfish 3x6 Catfish Size: L Weight: 5-30kg Predator: Yes
Fish Pike.jpg Pike (Fish) #SpawnItem Fish_Pike 2x5 Pike Size: M Weight: 1-3kg Predator: Yes
Fish Carp.jpg Carp (Fish) #SpawnItem Fish_Carp 1x2 Carp Size: L Weight: 5-20kg Predator: No
Fish Amur.jpg Amur (Fish) #SpawnItem Fish_Amur 1.5x4 Amur Size: M Weight: 2-5kg Predator: No
Fish Bleak.jpg Bleak (Fish) #SpawnItem Fish_Bleak 1x0.5 Bleak Size: S Weight: 0.1-0.4kg Predator: No
Fish Chub.jpg Chub (Fish) #SpawnItem Fish_Chub 1x1 Chub Size: M Weight: 2-4kg Predator: No
Fish Ruffe.jpg Ruffe (Fish) #SpawnItem Fish_Ruffe 1x1 Ruffe Size: S Weight: 0.1-0.3kg Predator: No
Fish PrussianCarp.jpg Prussian Carp (Fish) #SpawnItem Fish_PrussianCarp 1x2 Prussian carp Size: M Weight: 0.2-1kg Predator: No
Fish CrucianCarp.jpg Crucian Carp (Fish) #SpawnItem Fish_CrucianCarp 1x2 Crucian carp Size: M Weight: 0.5-2kg Predator: No