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Improvised wheelbarrow
Improvised wheelbarrow.jpg
A small craftable hand-propelled vehicle designed to be pushed
and guided by a single person using two handles at the rear.
Very useful for short distance transportation of materials.
General information
Category Vehicles
Subcategory Tools
Carry Weight 30kg
Top Speed 15 kmh
Administrator Information
BP WheelBarrow 02.png #SpawnVehicle BP_WheelBarrow_02



6 Long Wooden Stick.png Long Wooden Stick
1 Tree Branch.png Tree Branch

10 Wooden Plank.png Wooden Plank

1 Improvised Wheel.png Improvised Wheel

2 Bolts.png Bolts
2 Nails.png Nails

1 Sharp Item.png Sharp Item

The Improvised wheelbarrow is a vehicle in SCUM.

This item/vehicle is craftable via a blueprint. The Improvised wheelbarrow has a inventory size of 10 slots wide by 16 slots deep and max. 350kg.

Additional notes[]

  • #SpawnVehicle BP_WheelBarrow_02
  • when using the wheel barrows is that part of their weight carries over to the player and encumbers the Weight Load on the player.
  • part of the weight that is stored in the wheelbarrow is carried over into the overall weight load that currently encumbers the player. So, it is quite important for players to keep that in mind so they can watch their metabolism intake and stamina usage. Also, there is a mechanic in place where the game detects if you are pushing the wheelbarrow uphill or downhill. Since if you are pushing the wheelbarrow uphill most of the weight shifts backwards towards the player, weight load will increase. But if the wheelbarrow is being pushed down hill weight will shift forward on the wheel and weight load will be less but some of it will still carry on the player.

Change History[]

Update 10-28-21 Driving a wheelbarrow no longer gives driving skill experience
Update 11-26-20 Added