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An improvised fireplace made out of wood for short term use.
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Improvised Fireplace
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The Improvised Fireplace is a tool used to cook various foods.


Crafting the improvised fireplace requires 5 small sticks and one (portion) of the following:

Brake Oil, Gun Powder, Paper, Rags, Rag Strips, or Tinder.


Light the fire with either a lighter, which takes only 0.75 seconds, or a fire drill which takes 7 seconds.
The Fire will decay over time like a real life fire. This is indicated by the height of the flame and smoke above. While the fire decays, the temperature of the fire will also fall. A lower temperature fire will always be easier to cook food on, and is less likely to burn your food and make it inedible.
Initially, the standing fireplace will last 15 minutes. At the 15 minute mark, the fire becomes a pile of hot embers. This is the safest time to cook your food. The embers will stay hot for an additional 15 minutes until the embers become ash. This is a total burn time of 30 minutes. A fire ring will burn much longer.

To cook food on the fire, you must place the food item on the ground near it. This mechanic works the same way as drying your clothes near a fire does. The closer the food is, the faster it cooks, and the faster it burns.
Over time, as your food cooks, you can monitor it's done-ness by watching the items durability bar in the inventory window. As long as there is still durability, the food is edible. Once the durability bar is completely gone, the option to "Eat" will be removed from the interaction menu and the food must be discarded.

The fire can be extinguished by using the "Put Out" option in the interaction menu. A fire that has been extinguished can be lit again, and will have the same burn time remaining as when it was put out.

Cooking tools can be fed fuel by selecting a fuel source and choosing "Fuel Fire With (Item)" in the interaction menu. Although you can feed the fire, it's burn time can never exceed the original 30 minutes. This means that if you add fuel with a burn time of 60 minutes, the fire will go out at 30 minutes.
The following are items that can be used as fuel, and their burn times:

Even a fire that has burned for its 30 minutes and goes out naturally can be fed fuel and re-ignited. If re-fueled with 15 minutes of fuel or less and lit again as a pile of ash, the fire will return to it's hot embers state with it's best cooking temperature. If the fire is re-fueled with more than 15 minutes of fuel, the fire will return to it's standing state.

In some cases, a player may want to hide their tracks and remove the fire all together. This can be done in the interaction menu by choosing the "Destroy" option. The destroying process takes only 2 seconds and no tool is required.