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Improvised Bow
Wooden Bow.png
Most primal version of a bow.
General information
Category Ranged Weapons
Subcategory Bows
Space Used 16x3
Weight 2.0kg
Administrator Information
Improvised Bow 20#
Improvised Bow 20.png #SpawnItem Improvised_Bow
Improvised Bow 25#
Improvised Bow 25.png #SpawnItem Improvised_Bow_25
Improvised Bow 30#
Improvised Bow 30.png #SpawnItem Improvised_Bow_30
Improvised Bow 35#
Improvised Bow 35.png #SpawnItem Improvised_Bow_35

The most basic bow available, and currently the only one that can be crafted. There are 4 variations of improvised bow ranging from a 20 pound (#) draw weight, to 35 pound. Only the 20# and 35# are craft-able.


No crafting skill is needed to craft these bows. Crafting gives 20 Survival experience.

Draw Details[]

Bow draw speed is dependent on the archery skill.

All improvised bows take 1.0 seconds to pull to a full draw, except when the play has no archery skill, the draw will take an additional 0.5 seconds counting that the full draw can be made.

The sway that occurs when the player struggles to maintain a full draw on the bow is decreased as the archery skill in increased.

The duration a player can hold a full draw before the arrow is automatically released is dependent on both the archery skill and the players strength.

Below are charts displaying, per bow draw weight, the correlation between these attributes.
Essentially, every 1 pound of weight reduces hold duration by 0.1 seconds, and every increase of 1.0 in strength increases hold duration by 1.5 seconds.