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Improvised Backpack
Improvised Backpack.png
Backpack made out of basic materials. A bit heavier than the normal one and less durable, but offers the same amount of space.
General information
Category Gear
Subcategory Torso Gear, Civilian Gear, Backpacks
Dry Weight 1.0kg
Temp 2
Carry Weight 40.0kg
Space Used 4x6
Space Given 10x10
Administrator Information

The Improvised Backpack is a backpack in SCUM.


Crafting gives 200 Survival points


5 Rags.png Rags
5 Dirty Rags.png Dirty Rags

2 Animal Skin.png Animal Skin

4 Thread.png Thread
1 Rope 5m.png Rope 5m
2 Improvised Rope.png Improvised Rope
2 Tree Bark Rope.png Tree Bark Rope
30 Wire 1m.png Wire 1m

1 Sewing Kit.png Sewing Kit
1 Improvised Sewing Kit.png Improvised Sewing Kit

1 Sharp Item.png Sharp Item

Additional notes[]

  • #SpawnItem Improvised_Backpack_Big

Space used vs given[]

The Improvised Backpack is a backpack in SCUM.

space used vs. given Times given used/given used given Improvised Metal Chest Improvised Metal Chest (used 8x8) (given_37.5x10) Quad (Red) Quad inventory (given 8x6) Improvised WheelBarrow (given 10x16) Car
Leather Backpack Leather Backpack / School Backpack School Backpack 1x 12/12 3x4 3x4
Backpack Backpack 1.25x 16/20 4x4 4x5
Improvised Courier BackpackImprovised Courier Backpack 1.50x 6/9 2x3 3x3
Assault Backpack Assault Backpack 1.75x 16/28 4x4 4x7
Waist BagWaist Bags 2.00x 2/4 2x1 2x2
Hiking BackpackHiking Backpack 2.50x 20/50 4x5 5x10
Small Improvised Backpack Small Improvised Backpack 2.66x 6/16 2x3 4x4
Improvised BackpackImprovised Backpack (BEST given 4.16x slot (only 5x5 slot cant hold like Bow or big gun)) 4.16x 6/25 2x3 5x5 60x, given (5*5=25)*(12*5=60)= 1500 slot 8x , TOTAL given (5x5=25)*8= 200 slot 5x5= 25x TOTAL given (5x5=25)*25= 625 slot .... OR .... 125x (with 2xImprovised Metal Chest Metal Chest), TOTAL given 3125 slot
  • Need necessary first: "Thread" (to make SewingKit (w boneNeedle)) (to get 4,16x volume "Improvised Backpack") (Puppet give (/chop) (Human Skin) skin (and bone (needle)) and (pants, shirt, ...) cloth (to make rags and Improvised Rope))
  • Need necessary first: "Lead Plate" to make Improvised Metal Chest (1x Bolt, 2x Nail, 8x Metal Scrap)
  • Improvised WheelBarrow need necessary first: 2x+2x Bolt, 4x Metal Scrap (w Work(Shop) Bench) to make Improvised Wheel and cut Tree (10x Wooden Planks + 6x Long Wooden Stick).
  • Improvised WheelBarrow (given 10x16 slot) can hold: 5xImprovised Backpack Improvised Backpack + 2xImprovised Metal Chest ( in Improvised Metal Chest (used 8x8)(given 37.5 x 10) 12x5= 60x Improvised Backpack in 1x Metal Chest (Improvised WheelBarrow can hold 2x Improvised Metal Chest Metal Chest + 5x Improvised Backpack) (stay free space in Metal Chest: 1.5 (3 small slot) x 10) , ((25*12*5=1500)*2=3000)+(5*25=125)= 3125 slot.
  • 1x slot = 4x small slot
  • Improvised WheelBarrow can hold TOTAL given: 125x "Improvised Backpack" (with 2xImprovised Metal Chest Metal Chest), TOTAL given 3125 slot.
  • Quad (Red) Quad (/ATV) (given slots 6x8) can hold 8x Improvised Backpack (TOTAL given 8*5x5=8x25=200 slots)
  • Improved Wooden Chest Improved Wooden Chest (used 8x8)(given 22.5 x 10) can hold 7*5=35 Improvised Backpack (TOTAL given 35*5x5= 875 slot), with Improvised WheelBarrow (given 10x16) can TOTAL given (35*5x5=875)*2+(5*5x5=125)= 1875 slot with 35+35+5= 75x "Improvised Backpack" (Improved Wooden Chest Improved Wooden Chest need only 2x Metal Scrap, 1x Tree (8x Wooden Planks))
  • You can put things in a backpack and then backpacks in a box, then the box can hold more things
  • You can also dig / hide the box in the ground with a shovel
  • ... OR "Lifting WALK" with the box (constantly lifting the box every 2 m (inventory view)
  • ? Why ATV (given 8x6) and given NOT 8x8 (cant hold 1x Improvised (Wooden/Metal) Chest) ? :'(
  • Animal Skin Quiver Improvised Quiver 24 Arrows 0.75x (used 4x2 given 3x2)
  • Improvised Quiver Improvised Quiver 12 Arrows
  • Militry Quiver 36 Arrows (used 4x2 given 3x3)
  • Leather belt pistol holster 0.75x (used 2x2) (given 1.5x2)
  • Work Jacket 2.25x (used 2x2, given 3x3) , Construction / Jeans / Work Pants 3x (used 1x2, given 2x3), Rain Coat 2x (used 1x2, given 2x2), Flannel Shirt 2x (used 1x1, given 1x2) , Animal Skin Jacket 1.5x (used 2x2, given 3x2), Trucker Jacket 4x (used (1x1 ?), given 2x2), Military Boots 0.4x ( used (2.5x2), given 1x2) ...

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