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Improvised Backpack
Improvised Backpack.png
Backpack made out of basic materials. A bit heavier than the normal one and less durable, but offers the same amount of space.
General information
Category Gear
Subcategory Torso Gear, Civilian Gear, Backpacks
Dry Weight 1.0kg
Space Used 2x3
Space Given 5x5
Administrator Information

The Improvised Backpack is a backpack in SCUM.



5 Rags.png Rags
5 Dirty Rags.png Dirty Rags

2 Animal Skin.png Animal Skin

4 Thread.png Thread
1 Rope 5m.png Rope 5m
2 Improvised Rope.png Improvised Rope
2 Tree Bark Rope.png Tree Bark Rope
30 Wire 1m.png Wire 1m

1 Sewing Kit.png Sewing Kit
1 20x20px Improvised Sewing Kit

1 Sharp Item.png Sharp Item

Additional notes[]

  • #SpawnItem Improvised_Backpack_Big

Space used vs given[]

The Improvised Backpack is a backpack in SCUM.

space used vs. given Times given used/given used given Improvised Metal Chest Improvised Metal Chest (used 8x8) (given_37.5x10) Quad (Red) Quad inventory (given 8x6) Improvised WheelBarrow (given 10x16) Car
Leather Backpack Leather Backpack / School Backpack School Backpack 1x 12/12 3x4 3x4
Backpack Backpack 1.25x 16/20 4x4 4x5
Improvised Courier BackpackImprovised Courier Backpack 1.50x 6/9 2x3 3x3
Assault Backpack Assault Backpack 1.75x 16/28 4x4 4x7
Waist BagWaist Bags 2.00x 2/4 2x1 2x2
Hiking BackpackHiking Backpack 2.50x 20/50 4x5 5x10
Small Improvised Backpack Small Improvised Backpack 2.66x 6/16 2x3 4x4
Improvised BackpackImprovised Backpack (BEST given 4.16x slot (only 5x5 slot cant hold like Bow or big gun)) 4.16x 6/25 2x3 5x5 60x, given (5*5=25)*(12*5=60)= 1500 slot 8x , TOTAL given (5x5=25)*8= 200 slot 5x5= 25x TOTAL given (5x5=25)*25= 625 slot .... OR .... 125x (with 2xImprovised Metal Chest Metal Chest), TOTAL given 3125 slot
  • Need necessary first: "Thread" (to make SewingKit (w boneNeedle)) (to get 4,16x volume "Improvised Backpack") (Puppet give (/chop) (Human Skin) skin (and bone (needle)) and (pants, shirt, ...) cloth (to make rags and Improvised Rope))
  • Need necessary first: "Lead Plate" to make Improvised Metal Chest (1x Bolt, 2x Nail, 8x Metal Scrap)
  • Improvised WheelBarrow need necessary first: 2x+2x Bolt, 4x Metal Scrap (w Work(Shop) Bench) to make Improvised Wheel and cut Tree (10x Wooden Planks + 6x Long Wooden Stick).
  • Improvised WheelBarrow (given 10x16 slot) can hold: 5xImprovised Backpack Improvised Backpack + 2xImprovised Metal Chest ( in Improvised Metal Chest (used 8x8)(given 37.5 x 10) 12x5= 60x Improvised Backpack in 1x Metal Chest (Improvised WheelBarrow can hold 2x Improvised Metal Chest Metal Chest + 5x Improvised Backpack) (stay free space in Metal Chest: 1.5 (3 small slot) x 10) , ((25*12*5=1500)*2=3000)+(5*25=125)= 3125 slot.
  • 1x slot = 4x small slot
  • Improvised WheelBarrow can hold TOTAL given: 125x "Improvised Backpack" (with 2xImprovised Metal Chest Metal Chest), TOTAL given 3125 slot.
  • Quad (Red) Quad (/ATV) (given slots 6x8) can hold 8x Improvised Backpack (TOTAL given 8*5x5=8x25=200 slots)
  • Improved Wooden Chest Improved Wooden Chest (used 8x8)(given 22.5 x 10) can hold 7*5=35 Improvised Backpack (TOTAL given 35*5x5= 875 slot), with Improvised WheelBarrow (given 10x16) can TOTAL given (35*5x5=875)*2+(5*5x5=125)= 1875 slot with 35+35+5= 75x "Improvised Backpack" (Improved Wooden Chest Improved Wooden Chest need only 2x Metal Scrap, 1x Tree (8x Wooden Planks))
  • You can put things in a backpack and then backpacks in a box, then the box can hold more things
  • You can also dig / hide the box in the ground with a shovel
  • ... OR "Lifting WALK" with the box (constantly lifting the box every 2 m (inventory view)
  •  ? Why ATV (given 8x6) and given NOT 8x8 (cant hold 1x Improvised (Wooden/Metal) Chest) ? :'(
  • Animal Skin Quiver Improvised Quiver 24 Arrows 0.75x (used 4x2 given 3x2)
  • Improvised Quiver Improvised Quiver 12 Arrows
  • Militry Quiver 36 Arrows (used 4x2 given 3x3)
  • Leather belt pistol holster 0.75x (used 2x2) (given 1.5x2)
  • Work Jacket 2.25x (used 2x2, given 3x3) , Construction / Jeans / Work Pants 3x (used 1x2, given 2x3), Rain Coat 2x (used 1x2, given 2x2), Flannel Shirt 2x (used 1x1, given 1x2) , Animal Skin Jacket 1.5x (used 2x2, given 3x2), Trucker Jacket 4x (used (1x1 ?), given 2x2), Military Boots 0.4x ( used (2.5x2), given 1x2) ...

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