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This item is craftable via a blueprint costing:

You will need to fill the blueprint with single presses of F, so ~10 times F, to fill all in. Empty this item Weighs 20KG. Whenever you craft this, it will immediatly be on the ground, *not in your inventory*. To store items in the chest, drag and drop from the vicinity, or your Inventory over the chest icon in the vicinity tab. Adding multiple rifles however can overweigh the chest, making it the rifles drop to the ground, reccomended is thus to make 2 boxes, 1 for loot, and 1 for weapons.

Component Tool.png Improved Wooden Chest
Improved Wooden Chest.png
A Improved Wooden Chest used for storing items.
General information
Category Tools
Space Used 8x8
Space Given 22.5x10
Space max kg
Administrator Information
Improved Wooden Chest

Additional notes[]

  • #SpawnItem Improved_Wooden_Chest

Improvised Metal Chest (used 8x8 20 kg, given space 37.5 x 10 slot max 500 kg) ,

Improved Wooden Chest (used 8x8 20 kg, given space 22,5x10 slot max 500 kg),

Wooden Chest ( / (Improvised/) Wooden Box ) (used 8x8 20 kg, given space 15x10 slot max 500 kg)

Change History[]

Update 03-31-21 Wooden chests now decay faster if burried.
Update 03-02-21 Chests are no longer damaged by melee or explosives.
Update 04-30-20 Added 25% more inventory space vertically