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Hunter 85
Hunter 85.png
The Hunter 85 is a small caliber bolt action rifle mostly used for small game hunting.
Caliber Caliber .22 Cal
Velocity Velocity 731.5 m/s
Rate of Fire Rate Of Fire 35 rpm
Capacity Capacity 4
Range Range 1000 m
Weight Weight 2.8 kg
Other Information
Category Weapons
Skill Rifles
Grid 14x3
Throwable No
Administrator Information

The Hunter 85 is a firearm in SCUM. Ususally used for hunting, this can be an alternative to sniper rifles.

Based on an bolt action mechanism, the internal magazine can hold up to 4 bullets.

Its being loaded with .22 caliber bullets that can be crafted by yourself with a minimum amount of resources.

Can be fitted with a specific scope up to 12x, can be a deadly at mid-range.


 •  AimPRO Red Dot Sight AimPRO Red Dot Sight
 •  MRO Red Dot Sight MRO Red Dot Sight
 •  OKP Holographic Sight OKP Holographic Sight
 •  Red Dot Sight Red Dot Sight
 •  V3 Holographic Sight V3 Holographic Sight
 •  XPS Holographic Sight XPS Holographic Sight
 •  Improvised Scope Improvised Scope
 •  M82 Scope M82 Scope
 •  P-223 Scope P-223 Scope

Admin Commands[]

Hunter 85 Hunter 85 #SpawnItem BP_Weapon_Hunter85
.22 Cal Ammunition Box .22 Cal Ammunition Box #SpawnItem Cal22_Ammobox_Closed