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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for SCUM. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay[]

SCUM is an open-world survival game about surviving on a prison island while maintaining your gear and health in a survival situation while fighting off zombies and other players.


The core aspect of the gameplay is your character's health. You are not limited to watching your food and water, but must also mind your calorie count, macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and many other aspects of your health, although at this point in development most of these do not seem to have any effect. Each food and drink has its own nutrition information, which is currently not documented in-game, and relies on your existing knowledge of nutrition. For more info on this, see metabolism.


You will occasionally run into zombies, or puppets. They are spread across the landscape and concentrated in certain locations, but are generally an infrequent occurrence. If they spot you, they'll chase you, possibly alerting others in the process. They will give up after a while though, so just keep running if you aren't capable of fighting them. You can also enter a building through a window and they won't be able to follow, but make sure the door is closed.


Use W A S D to move around, Q E to lean, SPACE BAR to jump, C to crouch and X to go prone. Scrolling the mouse wheel adjusts the running speed. Left mouse button punches or fires weapon, and right mouse button blocks or aims down the sights. Pressing Tab ↹ brings up the character menu where you can manage your inventory, craft items, check your status and join events. You can open doors and search containers by pressing F. Pressing M brings up the map.

Tips and tricks[]

1st) Find 2 stones on the ground.

2nd) Go to your crafting menu and make a stone knife. Stone knife will be usefull for cutting bushes.

3rd) Find a bush (prefered big ones) cut it down and get the long sticks not the short one.

4th) Go to your crafting menu and make a improvised wooden spear (make 2 improvised wooden spears).

Note: Never make 3 improvised wooden spears because your hand will be occupied which means if you get an item or food that you want to eat and it goes to your hands the spear will drop on the ground and you even may not notice it dropped.

5th) Now focus on finding materials for small improvised back-pack (never make a improvised courier back-pack since that will only give you 9 slots).

Tip: If you look to you left side while in the crafting menu some materials will have 2 arrows pointing left and right. Click the arrows so you can see what other materials you can use if you dont have the other material.

6th) Now you have a back-pack you can now cut you clothes or inamate clothes to rags (clean rags are used for patching wounds when you're bleeding).

Note: Only clean rags are used for patching wounds. You can not use dirty rags to patch your wounds.

Tip: If you find a wild animal I prefer hunt it down with you improvised wooden spear. (Better aiming press "ENTER" to enter FPS mode).

Tip: In your map there are alot of places to loot. (Press "M" to open the map). The good loot/things are in military bases but becareful in each of the town or military bases there are so called "puppets/zombies" and in military bases there are mechs which are guarding the base and they are very dangerous.(So try to sneak and stay away from sight).

Note: Watch your metabolism because this is very important to your health. Watch your BCU NUTRITION MONITOR and BCU DIGESTION MONITOR. Your nutrition is the calorie and water intake, balance, etc. Your digestion is basically your digestion system (take a piss, poop, or (vomit "if needed") (Long press the "TAB" key to see actions/take a piss, poop, or vomit)


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