Hate Mail Express (aka Hate Mail) was a heavy, experimental punk rock band from Santa Cruz, California betwen 1998 and 2003. It was formed by Aleks Prechtl (guitar/vox) and Jeffrey Manson (bass/vox), and greatly influenced by The Gories. Originally, there were two drummers, Mike Mitchell and Noah Lacono, until Mitchell left to pursue other interests. Nikki Red (vox) also played tambourine. They played in Big Bang 2000 and Big Bang 2001.

All Hate Mail members came to Santa Cruz to attend UCSC, except Noah, who was from Salinas and frequented local shows and house parties in Santa Cruz. At their CD Release party on June 10, 2002 at The Quality House, the roof caught on fire. Eventually the cops came to break up the event. Everyone was forced to hide in the livingroom, and Hate Mail finished their set with whispers and finger snaps. The Rocknroll Adventure Kids and Pterrodactyle also performed that night.


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