Half Czar (aka Half Tsar) is a Santa Cruz band comprised of Steve, Tony, and Brian.

They started jamming in Steve’s bedroom at Brommer. They had all their equipment set up in one side of the room, and the other half was Steve’s bed. The Snaps were also born in that room. They’d start out before every practice buying a pint of whiskey, taking a shot of it, clinking glasses and then playing, because Tony and Steve had been in The Keystone Eyes prior to Half Czar, and the connection between drinking and rock and roll was a concrete thing to them.

They played in Big Bang 2003.

Band name originsEdit

The Four Eyes put out a 7” called “Hat Nerd” (it goes “Hat nerd, you’re wearing a hat, hat nerd, you know where you’re hat’s at”). Tony had a radio show and would always play “Hat Nerd” first. Around the same time, Justin of Grief Counsel bought a tiny red car. They started calling it “half car” and they’d sing “Hat Nerd” to the car when they were driving. They were going to name their band “half car” when Brian came up with the words “Half Czar” and it stuck.

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