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Good Times is a Santa Cruz weekly with the intended purpose of being an entertainment guide and public service for the County. It was founded in 1975 by Jay Shore.

In regards to music, historically, Good Times focuses on blues, jazz, folk and world beat. Local punk, new wave, and indie musicians have had little success getting their events covered by the paper. The failure of Good Times to review and even acknowledge this substantial segment of the local population gave an opening to the establishment and subsequent success of the Metro Santa Cruz.

Dan Coyro's column "Night Moves" (1975-1978) briefly mentioned a few early JJ180 gigs (in 1977), but pooh-poohed their talent and show turnouts. By 1979, Night Moves regularly provided information about local new wave bands.


The Batteries, May 21, 1981

The first acknowledgement of New Wave music in Good Times was on June 29, 1978 in a piece written by Michael Doody. The Talking Heads appeared on the newspaper's cover on September 4, 1978. The first time a local band was featured on the cover was of The Batteries on May 21, 1981. Another cover story on December 10, 1981, was a three-page roundup of "Who's Who in Local New Wave" with Tao Chemical on the cover.

Local underground musicians who also wrote for Good Times include Richie Begin, Walt Trindade, Tom Long, Rob Pratt, Polio Ferrari, Rob Brezsny, Paul Wagner, and Henry Hample.

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