Gay Genius is a pop music band comprised of Tyler from James Rabbit and Nessie from Nessie & Her Beard. Their first album, Perfect Dark, debuted on June 12th, 2010. Tyler sings and plays keyboards, bass, marimba, trumpet, banjo, ukulele, trombone, clarinet and percussion. Nessie sings and whistles and plays drums, ukulele, and harmonicas.


Nessie introduced herself to Tyler at a James Rabbit show on the wharf in the Spring of 2009. Tyler introduced himself to Nessie nearly a year later at a Nessie & Her Beard show at 215 Storey, and he invited her to join SCUM. The two were randomly assigned to collaborate for Panbandemonium II, which yielded two original songs. They so enjoyed recording and performing together that they went on to form Gay Genius.


Perfect Dark (LP), 2010, Orchestral Colour Records

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Official site: Orchestral Colour Records

Facebook: Gay Genius

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