Fury 66 was a Santa Cruz punk band (1993 - 1999) involving Russ Rankin (guitar), Tom Kennedy (bass), Rye Crowen (guitar), Aaron Sonnenshein (drums) and Joe Clements (vox). The band's name refers to a Plymouth Fury '66.

In 1994, Aaron quit and Rich McDermott filled in, creating an overlap in which Fury 66 and Good Riddance shared three members. Tom then quit Good Riddance so he could focus solely on Fury 66.

After that Fury 66 kicked out Russ and Rich because Good Riddance signed to Fat Wreck Chords. Dog from Mock joined on guitar and Little Joe from Riff Raff on bass.

They played for a while then went on a northwest tour. Upon arriving home on the tour, the band kicked out Tom Kennedy, Dog and Little Joe.

With Joe and Rye as the only original members, they recruited Micky Dunegan on Bass (from Heater) and Brian Zeal on drums (also from Heater). Russ Rankin briefly filled in on guitar for a few shows in the interim.

They then recruited Jon Cattivera (from Illiterate) on guitar and searched for a permanent drummer. They recorded the No Perfect Machine full-length probably about a month and a half after Jon joined. They then recruited Kevin Rafferty on drums and went on their first full scale U.S. tour. Upon arriving home, they kicked kevin out and got Brian back to fill in in the meantime. They then recruited Scott Batiste (of Illiterate) on drums and did more touring. Later, they kicked Scott out and recruited Joe Fish from Redfish on drums. They then kicked Jon Cattivera out of the band, and got Jeff Frady on guitar. They then recorded the for lack of a better word album and toured. Then Jeff Frady quit the band and they got some other dude name Zach on guitar. Then Rye quit. Then Mickey quit. Then the band quit.

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