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Fishing adds a whole new way to bring a consistent supply of food into your game. It also brings an interesting way to earn some decent income now that trading has been introduced.


Fishing Poles[]

Fishing Rods All.jpg


Fishing Reels All.jpg

Fishing Line[]

Fishing Line Spool All.jpg

Fishing Line Single All.jpg


Fishing Hooks All.jpg


Fish Bait All.jpg

Basics of fishing[]

First thing you need the necessary tools: A rod, reel, line, bait, hook and floater.

You got it? Good, now read carefully.

Once you have all of those equipped and the rod in your hands , if you enter combat mode or press left click, you will enter the first phase of fishing: casting the line. Depending how long you hold the left click, that's how far you will throw the line.

Fishing Cast Animation.gif

After the line has hit the waters , you will have to keep an eye out for your floater. When it goes under water, press left click to yank the line and see if anything has been hooked. If a fish has bitten then you enter the second phase of fishing : the reeling

Fishing Wait Animation.gif

You will see a bar on your right side that will rise and fall as you reel and let go of your hooked fish. The fish will pull back and try to snap your line. Various fishing lines will have different strengths and you will be able to catch bigger fish. You can reel by using the scroll wheel (scroll down to reel the line closer, scroll up to release the line). You can also use the shift key to reel in faster. If you stay in the red zone for too long while trying to reel in your fish, your fishing line will snap and you will lose your line, floater, hook and bait so you will need to balance your reeling while fishing.

Fishing Hook Animation.gif

If you manage to reel the fish in, you will see your catch in front of you, with a little window showcasing its length, weight, and if you want to keep the fish or release it back into the water.

Fishing Reel Animation.gif

Keep in mind that you need different bait to capture different fish. We will let you experiment with that. A little hint, try converting the little fish into baits to catch bigger fish.

Types of fish[]

Fresh Water[]

Salt Water[]

Advanced Mechanics[]

As any well experienced fisherman will tell you there are more conditions on what fish you want to catch.

There are multiple conditions you must think about when going fishing including:

  • Time of day.
  • Size of the body of water.
  • The bait you use.
  • And the quality of the line.

Time of Day[]

Fishing Time of Day chart.png

Fish habitat[]

Fishing fish habitat chart.png


Fishing bait allure probability chart.png

Types of Bait[]

  1. Boilies
  2. Bread (bait)
  3. Bleak (bait)
  4. Cheese (bait)
  5. Corn (bait)
  6. Cricket (bait)
  7. Grasshoper (bait)
  8. Meat (bait)
  9. Red Worm (bait)
  10. Sardine (bait)
  11. Worm (bait)

Fishing line[]

Fishing fish line weight durability chart.png

Change History[]

Update 07-04-22 Reworked fishing mechanics to add more specific constraints such as Time of Day, habitat, bait used, and fish line weight
Update 03-31-21 Added