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Fame is a score that all characters have. It can be found in the top right of the screen and can is gained over time from killing and surviving.


At certain amounts of fame points, your fame rank increases. It is currently unclear if this rank has any functional use.

Points Rank
<100 Nobody
100 Bottom Feeder
200 Wannabe
300 Hotshot
400 Sensation
500 Phenom
600 Superstar
700 Idol
800 Luminary
900 Megastar
1000+ Icon

Gaining fame[]

  • Killing Puppets
  • Killing other players
  • Competing in Events
  • Surviving

Using fame[]

Fame points are needed to claim doors. Padlocks are needed to craft locks.

There is a price of 100 points to claim a door. When a door is claimed you can proceed to buy locks. It is possible to add multiple locks to each door, at a max of 5. There are 3 different types of locks:

  • Bronze lock - 5 padlocks
  • Silver lock - 10 padlocks
  • Gold lock - 15 padlocks

Fame is also used for choosing a respawn point on death, or as an entry fee for events.

You can spend an amount of fame points to choose one of the following respawn options:

  • 25 - Random: respawn anywhere on the map
  • 50 - Sector: choose the map square you want to spawn in
  • 75 - At shelter: respawn at a shelter if you crafted one earlier
  • 100 - On squadmate: respawn next to a member of your squad