Exploding Crustaceans (The Crustaceans) is a Santa Cruz band comprised of Matt Koumaras (guitar/vox) Dave Go (lead guitar), Joe Gabent (bass), and Chris Gonzalez (drums/vox). They have been together for over 10 years. They are banned from playing at Gilman. One year, dressed in Richard Simmons-like garments, the Crustaceans played at the Wharf to Wharf and nearly got trampled by runners. They played in Big Bang 2000 and Big Bang 2001.

Exploding Crustaceans was formed December 1991 by Matt and Dave in a small house with no heat off El Rancho Drive. Andy Jaspar was the original drummer. They were all students at UCSC. Dave came to Santa Cruz to get out of L.A. Matt came to Santa Cruz to get out of Fresno. He was into the Ramones and X, and then saw Vicious Midgets and immediately wanted to start a band.

Chris joined in 1993. He responded to an ad in the Santa Cruz Sentinel about how the Crustaceans liked the Descendents and Ramones.

They opened shows for such bands such as the Swingin' Utters, Good Riddance, AFI, Lagwagon, Spaceboy, the Meatmen, and Zeke. Throughout it all, their core audience consisted of 13-year old boys that had a penchant for playing Dungeons and Dragons.

The Crustaceans were well-known for their punky pop, clever on stage banter, Select Soda motif, and use of gimmicks on stage such as plungers, blow up dolls and apes.


The Crustaceans had two messy shows involving rabbits, bodily fluids, and babies at the Catalyst. The shows reached disturbing Gwar-like levels and pissed many people off, including the Catalyst staff. They played Gilman but were subsequently banned for their "hobbit" song.

Band name originsEdit

Dave came up with the name because he liked the striking visualization of crabs procreating. Matt liked the word Crustaceans from the Pixies' "Wave of Mutaliation" and "walking the sands with the crustaceans..." Exploding Crustaceans were previously known as Verbal Masturbation.


  • 1993- Booger- tape
  • 1994- Special Porpuss- tape
  • 1994- Goatee of Blood- tape
  • 1994- Hectic Times Comp- vol. 2- tape
  • 1995- Live at Whole Earth- tape
  • 1998?- Santa Cruz Sucks comp
  • 1998- Get in the Tub- CD
  • 1999?- Santa Cruz Still Sucks comp.
  • 2000- Crusty Records Canadian comp
  • 2000? KZSC comp.
  • 2001- Dudes & Bros.- CD
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