Ed Gregor was in Hedgehog and was a part of the Standco collective. He also played guitar for No Use For A Name in 1995 and played on the album Leche Con Carne. He also sang and played guitar in the band I WANT OUT from 2000-2009, which included Chuck Platt of Good Riddance, Joe Fish of Fury 66 and Eli Atkins. He currently plays guitar in the bandI Don't Wanna Hear It, an 80's punk cover band including Guerin Myall of Stench, Jeff Frady of Fury 66, Nick Davern or Skullduggery and Jimbo Phillips of Deer Tractor and all around awesome action sports illustrator.

He attended UCSC, majoring in fine arts. He also attended Academy of Art College in San Francisco as a 3D Character Animator. He was co-founder and Senior Animator at Santa Cruz Games from 2000-2009. He is currently co-founder of Boing, Inc.

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