David Rapaport (Rap) was the drummer for JJ180, Santa Cruz's first punk band.

He plays the drum tracks on The Shamrocks' new release, teaches high school history, and has released his own independent music since leaving JJ-180/The Realtors. He released a solo cassette recording entitled Our Better Relationship in 1990 and a solo cd project entltled Friendship in 2002.

He also released a single as recently as 2005 called "Life Was Once Explained This Way" b/w "Wasn't That You". His most recent work "Everytime" is available on ITunes and CDBaby.  His musical adventures resulted in an onstage performance during The Tubes Reunion concert at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz.

Rap was drummer and founding member of the Roger Steen Band (2006-2013), Steen being a founding member of the Tubes.

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