Dag Weiser (b. 1956) is a cutting-edge graphic artist who created numerous flyers and record sleeves for the Schematix and many other Santa Cruz bands including The Prisoners, Tao Chemical, JJ-180, Love Dogs, The Spikes, The Thongs, The Cerberus, X-Dreamists and Cud. He also did poster work for out of town bands coming through the area including memorable posters for Flipper, The Avengers, The Germs, The Dils and John Cale.

Dag worked for many of the early progressive newspapers including The Sun, The Independent and The Phoenix. Dag also put in a long stint in the art department at Good Times.

Dag was in a strange band called P'toui (the sound one might make using a spitoon) with ex-Schematix guitarist Mike Saunders. Dag was responsible for the "found sound, homemade instrument, tape collage" aspects of the work.

Dag has lived in Santa Cruz County since 1969, not having ever felt the pull North or South so many of his peers felt. He continues to ply his own unique style of art work, working mainly in cardboard and recycled material. He has done elaborate set pieces in cardboard for the Moving & Storage and Crash, Burn & Die dance companies, and is currently working on a large cardboard piece for the Santa Cruz Symphony. (See website below for some of Dag's work.)

Though Dag is notoriously flippant and unconcerned regarding his art and its place in the continuum, placing much more emphasis on doing art than nursing it through the years, there is one piece he'd like to see again, and that is a painting he gave to his friend Rob Zuber, who tragically died in a drowning accident in the 1980s.

Dag continues long term, long distance friendships with several Santa Cruz expatriates, including Jill "Fido" Fields, Mary Jean and the remarkable archivist Patt Durkin, and enjoys a continued creative relationship and friendship with Jeff Grubic. (See website for some of Dag's work on behalf of Grubic's current monster art/music work in progress known as The Ad Nauseam Project.)

In the early 2000s, Dag had a radio show on KUSP called "The Other Side of the Tracks." The weekly show was devoted to "all things Avant-Garde, Outside, Collage, Industrial or Concrete." He is currently working on a massive collage piece of music using the hundreds of Christmas records he has collected over the years. Some great shows that happened in Santa Cruz that Dag remembers were the Dils at the Soquel Grange, The Avengers and John Cale at UCSC, the crazy shows at The Warehouse on Coral St. in the early 80's, The Plugz gig at the Seabright practice pad, Flipper at the Vet's Hall downtown, and all the great music at Diannes Place on the Westside, and Richie (Child Prostitute) Walker's Club Culture. There are a lot of shows Dag doesn't remember.

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