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DEagle .50
DEagle .50 01.png
The DEagle 50 is a semi-automatic handgun notable for chambering the largest centerfire cartridge of any magazine-fed, self-loading pistol.
Caliber Caliber .50 AE
Velocity Velocity 450 m/s
Rate of Fire Rate Of Fire 200 rpm
Capacity Capacity 7
Range Range 400 m
Weight Weight 2.0 kg
Other Information
Category Weapons
Skill Handgun
Grid 4x3
Throwable No

The DEagle .50 is a semi-automatic pistol.

A golden variant can also be found.


  • Desert Eagle Red Dot Desert Eagle Red Dot
  • Desert Eagle Flashlight

Admin Commands[]

DEagle .50 (Silver) DEagle .50 (Silver) #spawnitem BP_Weapon_DEagle_50
DEagle .50 (Gold) DEagle .50 (Gold) NO COMMAND
DEagle .50 Magazine DEagle .50 Magazine #SpawnItem BP_Magazine_DEagle_50
.50 AE Ammunition Box .50 AE Ammunition Box #SpawnItem Cal_50_AE_Ammobox