D.J. Bernard played lead guitar for Feel Machine, The Morgon Brothers and Caker & His Dogs, and played bass in The Reflectors and The Flaps. He contributed original songs to the bands he played with, and enjoyed roaring about town taunting police on his Norton Commando motorcycle and giving nicknames to everyone he met. In addition to being a talented guitarist and songwriter, D.J. was very athletic and competitive, playing basketball, tennis, and cycling.

His original compositions while with Caker and his Dogs include: "Lamp and a Bedpost" (about masturbation), "Technology" (based on a true news story about a man who lost his penis in an accident and had it surgically re-attached), "Meat me in the Alley" (you figure it out), and "Grey Turns to Brown" which deals with the emotional struggle of a terminally ill cancer patient and was inspired by the real-life illnesses of band leader Steve Caker Calloway. D.J. passed away in the early nineties from heart complications.

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