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Rebindable Controls[]

These controls can be rebound in the options menu.

Action Key Notes
Move forward W
Move backward S
Move right D
Move left A
Jump / Climb SPACE BAR If you are close enough to a ledge, railing, or other obstacle, you will climb instead.
Crouch / Dive in C Pressing the button again makes the character stand up.
Prone X Pressing the button again makes the character stand up.
Increase pace Mouse Wheel Up Pace ranges from level 1 to 3, with 1 being walk, 2 being jog, and 3 being run.
Decrease pace Mouse Wheel Down
Lean left Q Changes viewpoint over the left shoulder in third person mode.
Lean right E Changes viewpoint over the right shoulder in third person mode.
Action Key Notes
Punch / Kick Left Mouse Button Aiming below waist level performs a kick. Holding the button down will allow you to throw most items.
Block Right Mouse Button Block if in combat mode. Otherwise activates focus mode.
Previous target Q Cycle through previous and next targets if in automatic or semi-automatic target selection mode.
Next target E
Toggle target selection mode H Available modes are manual, semi-automatic, and automatic. Manual disables locking onto targets. Automatic automatically locks on to the nearest enemy, and semi-automatic always keeps the current target.
Action Key Notes
Fire Left Mouse Button
Aim down the sights Right Mouse Button Tapping aims down the sights, holding the button down activates focus mode.
Reload R Reloads a magazine or inserts ammunition into the weapon manually if a magazine is not avaiable.
Hold breath Ctrl Steadies aim when aiming down the sights.
Toggle weapon firing mode Middle mouse button Only supported on some weapons.
Action Key Notes
Combat Mode V
Character menu Tab ↹ Holding the button down opens the actions menu, which includes pooping, peeing, vomiting, medical options, and other actions.
Interact F Allows opening of doors, picking up items, and other context actions.
Toggle map M
Toggle event scoreboard F1 Only works when in an event.
Toggle nightvision N Requires equipment that supports it.
Free look Left Alt Allows you to rotate the camera most of the way around your character independent of movement direction.
Push to talk B
Chat T
Quick Access
Action Key Notes
Quick access 1 1 Does not change the key for switching between the Inventory, Crafting, Metabolism and Event tabs.
Quick access 2 2
Quick access 3 3
Quick access 4 4
Quick access 5 5
Quick access 6 6
Quick access 7 7
Quick access 8 8
Quick access 9 9
Quick access 0 0

Unlisted Controls[]

These controls are not listed in the options menu. They can be changed manually in %LOCALAPPDATA%\SCUM\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Input.ini.

Action Key Notes
Toggle auto run ⇧ Shift + W Automatically runs forward. Press any movement key to cancel.
Adjust crouching stance up Ctrl + Mouse wheel up
Adjust crouching stance down Ctrl + Mouse wheel down
Toggle weapon firing mode ⇧ Shift + Left mouse button Not every weapon.
Toggle weapon flashlight ⇧ Shift + E Toggle the flashlight if attached.
Cancel throw ⇧ Shift + Right mouse button
Calculate range Ctrl (Tap) Works when aiming down the ACOG and higher tier scopes.
Adjust zeroing up ⇧ Shift + Mouse wheel up Works with a weapon with sights in combat mode or when aiming down the sights.
Adjust zeroing down ⇧ Shift + Mouse wheel down
Adjust windage right ⇧ Shift + Alt + Mouse wheel up Works when aiming down the ACOG and higher tier scopes.
Adjust windage left ⇧ Shift + Alt + Mouse wheel down
Toggle HUD NUM -
Switch perspective ↵ Enter
Select item in inventory Left mouse button You can craft items in the Inventory tab by selecting all the items required for a recipe and opening the context menu.
Item context menu Right mouse button
Move item Left mouse button (double-click)
Switch to the Inventory tab 1 Switches tabs in the Character menu.
Switch to the Crafting tab 2
Switch to the Metabolism tab 3
Switch to the Squad tab 4
Switch to the Events tab 5
Radio volume up LShift + J When in car
Radio volume down LControl + J When in car
Change radio channel LAlt + J When in car.

Radio volume will reset to max when changing channel.

Shoot from inside car Left mouse button When in car, equip a weapon and press left mouse button.

Only pistols can be fired from the driver seat. Any weapon and be fired from passanger seats.

Enter inventory when in car LShift + C

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