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City Bicycle
Bicycle Cinematic 1.jpg
Not fast, or attractive, or sturdy but it will get you there!
General information
Category Bicycles
Num Seats 2
Cargo Space 0
Skill Used Skills/Driving
Repair Using Tool Box
Max Speed
No Skill 24 kph
Basic Skill 24 kph
Medium Skill 24 kph
Advanced Skill 24 kph
Administrator Information
Bicycle Cinematic 1.jpg #SpawnVehicle BP_Bicycle_CityBike_Blue
Bicycle Cinematic 1.jpg #SpawnVehicle BPC_Bicycle_CityBike_Red


Yep, yall kept asking "Bicycles when?", well bicycles now! Get your tracksuits and shorts ready, helmet or not and prepare to ride down the road not caring about any traffic laws and then wonder why everyone hates you!

Bicycle Cinematic 1.jpg

Very common in Croatian used ad sites, this bicycle may not be fast, or attractive, or sturdy but it will get you there!

Bicycle Cinematic 2.jpg

So whether you are doing Tour de SCUM or running away from puppets, just hop on and pedal away.

Bicycle Cinematic 3.jpg


Repairable with any Toolbox

Change History[]

Update 10-14-21 Bicycles are now repairable with toolbox.

Decreased AI perception loudness of bicycles

Update 10-07-21 Added

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