Cherry Ames was a Santa Cruz rock band (1999 - 2001) consisting of Julia Fernandez (vox/guitar), Rosy Nolan (guitar/vox), and Dan Wooldridge (drums). In 2000, Rosy moved to Los Angeles and Dan moved to Chico, but they still played shows. The band didn't stop playing until Julia moved to Portland in 2001. called it a hiatus not a break-up, but it is unlikely that they will re-form the band.

The band was formed by Rosy and Julia in 1999, both students at UCSC. Their first show was at the Seabright House and their final Santa Cruz show was at the Rio as part of the Big Bang 2000. They participated in KZSC's Pixies Tribute Show.

Mike Puetz was the original drummer. When he moved back home to Nevada City, Dan took over. By choice, they never had a bass player, although many people offered to join.

Cherry Ames was a character from a series of young adult books from Wikipedia:World War II. Julia started collecting them when she was a kid and she chose it as the name for the band because it "just seemed fitting for some reason."


  • The Lowdown/Motor over Motet/Cherry Ames split tape recorded live at the Rio.
  • Live in the Infirmary - A live show recorded at the Stevenson Rec

Room which they used as a demo tape; there are some digital copies floating around as well.

  • A full album that was recorded but never fully mixed; the working title was "Army Nurse".