Chavez front house

Two houses located on the property. This is the main house located on Main St.

The Cesar Chavez Co-op no longer exsists as of December 2011. The property is now privately owned, has been rennovated inside and is occupied by new renters. The spirit of cooperative living is still alive and well here, though with very different vibe. Membership is limited. Look up "Beach Hill Haven" on facebook for more information...

The Cesar Chavez Co-op WAS a member of SCSHC (Santa Cruz Student Housing Co-operative), a 501(c)3 non-profit. Chavez (as it was lovingly called) is run by NASCO (North American Students of Cooperation), a group that has organized over a hundred national co-operatives. Located at on Main St., Chavez was a host to many community events, like open house art shows or the occasional acoustic performance. General rules for shows were: no smoking inside, don't molest the cats please, and stay off the front porch so the cops don't get called.

Chavez is a loving environment chock-full of friendly, welcoming people. The house and hosts vegetarian dinners every night of the week around 7pm (except Saturday), which is a great time to connect with fellow or potential housemates. Members hold several house events every month, ranging from movie-viewing to water-hole visiting to having a bounce house our large living room (now with a new mural!). We are currently organizing a living garden, to support our aspirations for self-sustenance.

At any given time, there are about 25 members of the co-op. This number doesn't include our three cats and single dog, Harper. These animals have their separate human companions, but everyone in the house loves on them (in an entirely asexual manner). We welcome any pet you may bring, but want you to consider how hectic co-operative living can be and try to make a responsible choice for your animal.

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