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The Red Kinglet Scout and the Blue Kinglet Duster.

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SCUM AirPlanes 2.jpg

This new vehicle type is one of 2 features that will completely switch up the meta on the island as you know it. Not only will it be a new transportation method but also a useful tool for scouting, chasing and maneuvering around the island. We have 3 versions of airplanes currently.

The difference between them is that the scout is a little bit faster and more agile but the Duster consumes less fuel. So either speed and agility or conserving resources is the choice here, that is if you can get them first of all. The airplanes only spawn at 2 locations:

The Zeljava airfield in D4 sector and the main airfield at the main B2 airport.

These are highly secure Military POIs so you will need to sneak around the mechs to get them out. But that will not be the only difficulty when getting them out, as these are old planes left behind they are also not maintained and out of fuel. So make sure you have a fuel canister with you when trying to get one out and the Aeroplane repair kit to fix it up so it survives those first mech shots as you make a quick getaway.

Flying Skill[]

Vehicle Combat[]

Health and Upkeep[]

Vehicle Damage[]

Useful Tips[]

Hearing protection items will now reduce the loud wind when flying a plane

(Admin Commands)

  1. SpawnVehicle BP_Kinglet_Scout
  2. SpawnVehicle BP_Kinglet_Duster
  3. SpawnVehicle_BP_Kinglet_Mariner

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